The Best And Dimmest Right-Wing Responses To WaPo’s Story About The Trump/Russia Connection

Earlier today, the Washington Post published a story about the intelligence report connecting Donald Trump’s victory to Russian interference. That story called Trump’s remarks regarding the intelligence report “bogus.”

We’re not here to discuss the actual story, although you can read it here. Instead, we’re here to talk about the reaction to that story on Twitter — specifically, the twits on the right-wing, who absolutely lost their shit and went after the WaPo for daring to accuse their Golden Calf of Wall Street of lying to them.

Because boy did they ever.

I’ve seen this stupid “alt-left” meme before — on Fox, no less. No, we’re not the “alt-left,” we’re the same left we’ve always been. We didn’t stop making sense or being right just because a tang-colored baboon got elected to the presidency, and we’re not pretending otherwise.


Nobody tell this dude that Hillary did win the popular vote and the only reason she lost is because of an institution designed to protect slave holding states.

And then there’s this discussion — someone clearly doesn’t understand what “fake news” means:

Of course, “Trumppin” wasn’t the only one claiming the Washington Post was fake — far from it:

I’m not sure if that Deplorable Robot guy is a troll or not, but they made another appearance later, rambling something about free money. 

Some people with sense tried to step in, but it didn’t last, because you can’t fix stupid. Especially willful stupid.

And then there’s the straight up idiocy and narcissistic banality the right-wing put on display:

What these people apparently don’t realize that only 19% of the population voted for Trump and that 19% lost the popular vote. They only won because of the electoral college — an institution that many Republicans I knew personally wanted to rip out until it helped Trump win. Now suddenly they support it.

Gee, I wonder why the change in heart overnight.

But then, if there’s any lesson for new liberals and leftists to learn from this, it’s the immortal statement: whatever you do, It’s Okay If You’re A Republican.

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