The Best Reactions To ‘SEE YOU IN COURT’ Were Funny AF But The Dumbest Are So. Much. Better.

No matter how many times Commander Marmalade doubles down or tries to get tough or even threatening, the laughter coming his way is reaching a fevered pitch.

And after yesterday’s unanimous decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold the restraining order on Cheeto’s totally-not-a-Muslim-ban, the president lost it and posted an all caps reply on Twitter.

But the internet was all like “Bruh, you’re a president now not some douchebag business guy.”

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Of course, the deplorables were upset with this setback of not being able to live in a country of outrageous bigotry with checks and balances on the President:

Nice strawman you’re humping aggressively there, sweetie.

I don’t know about that. The Cheeto-in-Chief is an unending well of comedic fodder.

That’s…not what happened. Like, at all. Not even close.

Yeah…um…we know. And it’s still hilarious to tell judges you’ll see them in court. See, telling someone you’ll see them in court is more reserved for douchebaggy business dudes who don’t want to pay contractors or employees the money they’re owed and when they try to collect you yell, “SEE YOU IN COURT!” It’s a fantastically stupid thing to say to courts, supreme as they may be.

So…depicting Trump as a king at this point is um, spot on to the arguments against him not for him.

Since Trump himself has never been seeing publicly laughing, it’s likely he is not enjoying all the laughter coming his way. He can dish it, but he cannot take it. Do you think he’s hating being president right about now?

To anyone who listened to the actual appeals court hearing, it was blatantly obvious the lawyers arguing on behalf of the president’s ban were holding very little in their hands. The ban was not based on actual intelligence, had no right to bar green card holders from traveling back to the country and while they like to say it’s not a Muslim ban, which would violate the establishment clause of the Constitution, Trump has a long, recorded history of campaigning on banning Muslims from the U.S. so it’s a really easy argument to make.

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