‘The Big Bang Theory’ Just Beautifully Trolled Trump — Again

Big Bang Theory  creator Chuck Lorre has been taking shots at Donald Trump off and on for months via the vanity cards at the end of the show. Sometimes the trolling has been rather subtle, like on inauguration eve, when the card featured lyrics from the George Harrison song “Beware Of Darkness” followed by a quote from Monty Python: “Run away! Run away!”

But on the May 4 episode of the show Lorre’s message was much more direct.

There are a lot of things Trump doesn’t know, although he claims to be an expert. Healthcare, diplomacy, and national defense come immediately to mind. But there is one area where the Orange Emperor considers himself an expert that he does have some experience in — television. And Lorre’s latest message combined a dig at Trump over the ratings of his former show, “The Apprentice.”

The vanity card features a shot of the ratings from March 6, 2006 in the 18-49 year old demographic, considered the most important one for prime time shows. That shot shows “The Apprentice” finishing solidly behind “Two And A Half Men” in that “key demo.” And under the ratings grid is this comment:

Defeat terrorism and crazy dictators?

He couldn’t even defeat Two And A Half Men

So far at least Trump hasn’t responded on Twitter. He has been too busy praising himself for getting an Obamacare repeal bill through one house of Congress, and letting everybody know that he’s saving us money by working out of his house in New Jersey this weekend.

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If he isn’t on it already, add Chuck Lorre to your list of Trump trolls you need to pay attention to.

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