The Call of Covfefe: A List Of The Top Five Stupidest Typos Made By Trump

Remember when Trump bragged that he has the best words? He wasn’t kidding. Ever since he’s been in office, and long before that, Trump has been behind some of the most impressive spelling errors in the English language — this man’s use of the language is so incompetent and widespread the dictionary trolled his administration over it.

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And that was before his most recent typo took the Internet by storm.

So, to commemorate this moment, let’s take a look back at all the best words Trump has.


I have to lead with this. On May 31, 2017, Trump went on a midnight Twitter storm, and gave the world something truly magical:

My favorite explanation for this is that one of his aides saw him using Twitter and tackled him before he could finish.

The typo remained up for a full six hours, which was plenty of time for it to take on a life of its own:

It’s saying something when even the dictionary is giving up on your failed attempts at English.


This little gem was a result of Trump talking about China:

Just imagine what that act would look like if it were “presidented.” We’d be in trouble, with a capital T and that rhymes with V, which leads us to . . .


Not content to let Herman Cain have all the fun by mangling country names, Donald Trump dove in feet first when he attacked CNN for noting that Rex Tillerson was booed in “Venezeula.”

Perhaps Trump is right. I mean, after all, it was Venezuela where Tillerson was booed, not this Venezeula place.


This is actually a common mispronunciation of the word that it drives individuals who pronounce it correctly nuts. Even then, those that mispronounce the word often spell it right — unless they make the mistake of an attempted phonetic spelling, like our tool of a president:

The only thing “nucular” here is his stupidity.

“To Promote The Possibility Lasting Peach”

This is one of Trump’s goals in the Middle East, apparently:

Who’s up for a rendition of “Donnie and the Giant Peach?”

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Of course, this list is far from extensive. After all, he does have all the best words — it’s just a damn shame he can’t spell them right.

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