The Conservative Reaction To Obama’s ‘Impending Divorce’ Is Laugh Out Loud Hilarious (SCREENSHOTS)

Yeah, you heard that right. According to a “bombshell report,” The Obamas are the world’s unhappiest couple who are only together to keep voters happy, even though they aren’t running for anything. The “facts” they use include “numerous reports of the couple yelling, fighting and giving each other dirty looks,” which is code for “typical American married people,” unless you live in the fantasy world of the conservative.

The final straw that allowed the right to “break” the story was a recent trip the president and first lady took to California on the same day but on different planes. The White House explained that the two were on completely different schedules that never overlapped. In fact, Mrs. Obama was on her way back to Washington for another scheduled event before President Obama even arrived.

Here’s how conservative propaganda rag The Political Insider covered the “bombshell report:

If you read any of the news reports when they were on their Christmas vacation in Hawaii, did you ever see them together? Even at photo ops Michelle Obama was rarely seen with Hussein. If they were in such love with each other, she would be every where he was.

Of course, who could forget Michelle Obama’s angry face in South Africa at Mandela’s funeral when Hussein was kissing up to Denmark Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Obama and Schmidt may be a perfect couple as both are socialists.

The carefully crafted family image of the Obama family has to be kept in place until the two leave office in 2017. Valerie Jarrett will never let the image errode as long as she is along for the ride with the Obama family.

You can Google all you want about the Obama impending divorce in 2017. There are all kinds of articles about how the two fight, yell at each other, and just don’t want to be seen with each other. The separate plane trips are just the latest in the Obama saga.

To the narrow, simple mind of the common conservative, this serves as proof that the couple hates each other and will be filing for divorce as soon as their time in the White House ends. The response from the fans of right-wing propaganda has been exactly what you might expect: stupid. Filled with hate, jubilation and conspiracy theories. Idiotic. Reprehensible. All the buzz words that can be associated with really dumb people:

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They go on and on. Searches for “Obama divorce” all have one result in common: Every time it’s been reported it’s been by right-wing extremist pages like this one. What’s really sad is the number of people who not only buy this crap but add to it with every rumor they’ve heard from memes on their timeline.

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