The Daily Show Bids Farewell To The No Good, Dirty Rotten Year Of 2016 (VIDEO)

The Daily Show did their annual Year in Review segment and it lampooned the no good dirty bastard of a year of that has been 2016. Trevor Noah opened the bit with:

2016 is a year that will stay with us forever, like herpes. This was the year that started with Zika and then went bad.

He then described how good bad this year was for everyone.

But, let’s be honest, 2016 wasn’t the worst year. It was only bad for some people. Like, if you were black, this was a bad year for you. But for everyone els. . .ok, and if you were Muslim, it was as bad year for you, as well. And, if you’re a woman, I can admit, pretty bad. . .and if you’re from the transgender community then you as well, refugees and immigrants, pretty much everyone, but not everyone, but everyone. Other than that everyone had a good year. Oh, and polar bears, and animals in general, yeah, bad year. So yeah, good year all around.

From America’s separation from decency to fake news and social media, The Daily Show team bid farewell to what should go down as one of the shittiest years in modern history.

Goodbye, you dirty rotten scoundrel of a year.

Unfortunately, 2017 isn’t looking very promising, either.

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Watch the full 11 and a half minutes of bidding farewell to this horrific year, here:

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