The Daily Show Catches Trump Voters On Camera In Their Stupidest Moments Ever (VIDEO)

Saying stupidest “ever,” when it comes to Trump supporters and the dumb stuff they say, can be tough. I mean how do you pick one diamond from among a sea full of other diamonds? Don’t they all sparkle?

But when you watch the video below, I think you’ll understand what I mean. There’s regular dumb. Then there’s “Trump dumb.” Then there is a whole other version of dumb that’s way beyond anything seen before in political history. These people easily fall under that last category. You’ll see what I mean in the video.

Think about it this way. Trump has gotten stupider, more racist, hateful, etc.. as time has gone by in his campaign. He’s reached a critical mass of all these terrible things put together. As a result, what can only be described as his “ultimately stupid” supporters are now coming to the forefront.

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You really just have to hear the stuff they say. Bill Clinton got Aids from Magic Johnson, Hillary clones, and one dude even complained that Barack Obama was “not in the oval office” on 911. Damn that Obama, not doing his job during the nation’s worst terrorist attack ever!

Warning: Don’t drink anything while watching this. You’ll end up spitting it out.


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