The Defense Department Just Tossed A Grenade At Trump On Twitter

After screwing over the environment on Tuesday, Emperor Orange Marmalade I is tackling immigration on Wednesday. In the works is the Mexican border wall and new restrictions on immigration from certain Muslim countries.

All may be well at the White House, but there may be trouble in Trumpistan, as not everybody appears to be overly enthusiastic about the policies he is preparing to announce. The Department of Defense Twitter account sent out this tweet early on Wednesday morning:

Was it a coincidence that the DOD decided to tweet about a Muslim Marine on the same day Trump is expected to announce restrictions on Muslim immigration? Maybe, but not likely. What is most likely is someone with access to the DOD Twitter account felt today would be a good day to remind Americans that the military recognizes and appreciates the service those who are not native-born Americans.

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The majority of the replies agree with the sentiment expressed in the tweet.

This reply, from an Army public affairs officer, shows the pride the military takes in the fact that immigrants often love their new home so much they are often willing to fight and die for it.

And a couple of guys who obviously have some familiarity with what it takes for an immigrant to join the military enlightened a woman who mused about vetting.

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Of course there were a few Trump supporters who had to weigh in. And they immediately got shot down.

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It will be interesting to see what, if anything, new Defense Secretary James Mattis has to say to Trump about immigrants in the military. Despite his “Mad Dog” nickname, Mattis so far appears to be one of the more qualified and rational members of Trump’s team. Wouldn’t it be funny if he was actually the source of this tweet?

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