The Difference Between Obama And Trump, Explained Perfectly In 2 Photographs (IMAGES)

You want to know what I won’t miss about the Obama presidency? All the attacks on him as a person. All the people who say he’s a bad man. That’s what I won’t miss.

He doesn’t deserve any of this treatment, especially considering he had to be more than 2x as good as any previous president. Worst president in history? A no scandals family man who raised two wonderful daughters and is married to a woman who is an example for anyone? No, he doesn’t deserve to be called less than his predecessors.

Meanwhile, they are exalting Donald Trump as the avatar of American Exceptionalism. Somehow this guy embodies the things about America in which they find the most value. He’s the greatest man, because we have such great men in America, and we will keep making such great men when we make America great again… bla bla bla.

A picture tells 1000 words. Here are two pictures to take into consideration.



Trump has his umbrella for himself. There’s a lot of space under there for someone else but he walks alone because of course he does. He’s Donald Trump. Meanwhile our humble President Obama gives up the cover of an umbrella and allows one of his assistants and his wife to stay dry in a rainstorm.

The value of a person isn’t in their blood. It’s in their actions. How do they treat other people? Look at this and you have your answer as to who the better person is.

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