The Easter Bunny’s Face At Trump’s Egg Roll Is All Of Us (IMAGES)

Well, the White House’s 139th Annual Easter Egg Roll is currently underway and Trump has once again disappointed America. In the years past, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama showed up at the event casually dressed and played with the throngs of children on their lawn. Trump, on the other hand, arrived in his ill-fitting suit, ridiculously long tie and signed his name to pieces of paper while sitting at a small table because, of course, he did.

And while our former president (please come back to us, President Obama!) always delivered light-hearted remarks about the weather and how excited he was to be there, President Moron had this to say:

We will be stronger and bigger and better as a nation than ever before. We’re right on track, you see what’s happening and we’re right on track.

Basically, he lied to everyone while sadly attempting to stroke his own ego. Because that’s what the children’s event is about: Trump’s sad ego!

That wasn’t even the best part though. Nope, the best part was the Easter Bunny who Trump brought out with him. He really could not have picked a better costume, take a look:

“Dear God, what have we done?”
“No, seriously, what have we done, America?”
“Someone just make me into stew. My life no longer has meaning.”

At least he got one thing right, his Easter Bunny looks as horrified as the majority of Americans every single time we realize we have a Buffoon running our country.

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