The Internet Beautifully Trolls Trump And Conway After They Attend A ‘Villains And Heroes’ Costume Party

Prior to Donald Trump’s Saturday Night Live angry tweet last night, the Great Orange One was attending a costume party in Long Island, NY hosted by one of his biggest donors. The Republican disaster attended the party with Kellyanne Conway and Steve ‘White Hood’ Bannon. The theme of the party was “heroes and villains” and Trump, of course, dressed as the worst villain of all: himself.

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Conway, dressed as Superwoman tweeted out a photo of herself and Trump during the party and called her villainous boss her “hero”:

Yes, apparently all it takes to be a hero in Conway’s narrow mind is winning an election by appealing to worst of American society.

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Anywho, Twitter saw Conway’s silly hero photo and thoroughly mocked her for it:

In case you don’t pay attention to comics or t.v. shows based on comics, the man in that photo is Lex Luthor, a supervillain.

Other people noticed the similarities as well:

And others noticed just how f*cking clueless Conway and Trump are:

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Ahhhh…we can always count on Twitter to brighten our day.

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