The Internet Mocks ‘President Bannon’ After He’s Booted From The National Security Council

Hooray! The Grim Reaper Steve Bannon has finally been removed from the National Security Council! It’s about f*cking time. This guy had absolutely zero experience with national security matters but played a key role on the council that’s been turned into an absolute joke under Trump.

Of course, the internet is having a grand time mocking the sh*t out of sad bear Bannon and this makes us very happy. We do love us some trolling here at GOPocalypse:

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Now, while we may all take ten minutes to celebrate our win in this battle, it’s important to remember that the war is not over. Bannon may be off the council, but he is still in the White House. He is still receiving classified information and he is still being paid by the American taxpayers. We need him out of our government completely, so let’s all go get him, strap him on a rocket and get him TF off of this planet.

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