The Kellyanne Conway Hashtag That Will Keep You Laughing All Day Long Has Arrived

You have to hand it to Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway. She may be the most adept person ever at simply making up shit as she goes along. She’s a perfect match for Trump. Both can say the most outrageously false things while never batting an eye, and then, when called on them, invent even more BS to cover for themselves.

Conway has always been absurd, but never worse than she was during an interview with Bergen Record reporter Mike Kelly. While discussing surveillance techniques Conway mentioned “microwaves that turn into cameras.” That has led to days of mocking on social media, and now a new hashtag on Twitter, formed from speculation that her outlandishness could eventually cause her to lose her current job.

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The life span of even a competent Washington insider is pretty short, and eventually Conway will move along to something else, either during or after the reign of King Orange. But what? That is the speculation behind one of the latest trending Twitter hashtags, #NewJobsForKellyanneConway.

Here are a few of the better suggestions for post-Trump employment.

Of course this:

Some might say she’s already doing this:

Cute, but not terribly original. But liberal Twitter users always prove their cleverness and creativity, and this time is no exception.

The whole idea was started by Twitter user “Hashtag Jones,” who speculated on Saturday morning that Conway could already be on her way out of the Trump White House and called on followers to offer suggestions for future employment.

It’s not likely Conway is going anywhere in the near term. But if any business in America needs an experienced bullshit artist, the White House switchboard number is 202-456-1414. The White House microwave number is unlisted.

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