The Latest Picture That Shows What A Bunch Of A-Holes Trump Supporters Are May Make You Vomit

Trumpsters are having the best time lately painting themselves as the poor victims of “Democrat operatives.” After James O’Keefe released videos — that he refuses to release the raw footage of — showing Democratic interns saying they helped spark violence at Trump rallies, the basket of deplorables have been even more hateful than ever.

Does it matter that in order to “incite violence” the people in question only had to “put on a Planned Parenthood shirt or call Trump a Nazi” to get the “psychopaths” at those rallies to physically attack them? Of course not. To hatemongers, disagreeing with them in any way is the same as throwing the first punch.

One would think that with their insistence on being victims that they would go out of their way to try to at least give the illusion that they’re decent human beings but as we’ve seen time and time again over the past 16 months, they just…aren’t. Today’s picture of a Trump crowd highlights why once again they’ve earned all of the nicknames they now own:


Aren’t they classy? Look how happy the people around the picture are just to be associated with it. To be clear — yes, what you’re looking at is a target with Hillary Clinton’s face on it. But…they’re the victims because people with pink shirts on got punched.

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Donald Trump’s America, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s hope we’re witnessing the end of this nightmare.

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