The Leader Of The Nazi Party Is So Happy About Trump He Soiled His Hitler Underoos

You know how every time you call Republicans a bunch of Nazis, they start complaining that you’re being unrealistic? In a funny way, it’s one of their favorite things because they use it to claim they “won the argument” because Democrats had to “resort to name calling.”

Now that fallback is pretty much dead. The leader of the American Nazi Party said recently on his radio show that a Donald Trump Presidency would be “a real opportunity” for white nationalists and fellow Neo-Nazis to expand their power base within the United States.

Next time you call a right-winger a Nazi or accuse them of supporting and enabling that kind of behavior and they immediately start cheering that they won the argument because you broke the rules, just slide that little fact at them.

American Nazi Party Chairman Rocky Suhayda released the following comments:

I believe that Trump is going to win the election this November, for various reasons which I don’t want to go into again. I think it’s gonna surprise the enemy, because I think that they feel that the white working class — especially the male portion of the working class — and with him his female counterparts have basically thrown in the towel. Given up hope of any politician again standing up for their interests.

Now, if Trump does win, okay, it’s going to be a real opportunity for people like white nationalists, acting intelligently to build upon that, and to go and start — you know how you have the black political caucus and what not in Congress, and, everything, to start building on something like that.

It doesn’t have to be anti-, like the movement’s been for decades, so much as it has to be pro-white. It’s kinda hard to go and call us bigots, if we don’t go around and act like a bigot. That’s what the movement should contemplate.


Silly little Nazis … It isn’t going to be hard to call you bigots AT ALL. Trust me. I can’t stress enough how easy it will be.

The Nazi bird has finally flown the coop for Republicans. The actual American Nazi Party is endorsing their behavior and saying it will bring them to a greater power. Now when they’re called Nazis, what can they possibly say to deny it?

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