The Media Suckles Trump’s Pig Teats And Gets Lambasted By Twitter

You may have heard, Donald Trump gave a speech to Congress on Tuesday night. It was long on rhetoric but short on detail. But he didn’t verbally abuse anyone and he managed not to yell, so most of that media that he so despises was impressed.

Apparently some at the White House are also surprised at the general reaction from the so-called-liberal-media, according to one media member, Washington Post reporter Robert Costa. On Wednesday morning Costa tweeted what some White House staffers are saying about the press’ reaction to the Orange Emperor.

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The first reaction Costa’s tweet got came from former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum, who mocked the pundits who have been heaping gushing praise on Trump.

The feminist group RiotWomenn was much harsher in their critique of the media’s performance.

David Gantly wondered whether pundits are now ready to start the love affair some have been wanting to have with Trump all along.

Quite a few others had similar opinions.

One reply reminded everyone that just hours before the speech, Trump was still being Trump:

But the most accurate description of Trump’s address, far more so than almost anything that has been said on air, came from anti-Trump former Republican Laura McGinnis, who said,

You knew the folks at Fox and the right-wing sites would all love what the God-Emperor had to say. But the kindness from some other outlets about a speech that recycled the same old Trump talking points with no new information is amazing. These guys do remember not so long ago, when Trump was calling them “the enemy of the American people,” don’t they?

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