The New Presidential Line Of Succession Is Absolutely Frightening

Donald Trump is picking his cabinet, and from the looks of it we’re in for a white Christmas — and several more to follow. In an America that is growing more diverse by the day Trump is setting up the most non-diverse cabinet in years.

CNN drew attention to the fact with this tweet:

CNN points out in the accompanying story:

Of Trump’s 18 choices to date — excluding his vice president and senior White House staff — 14 are white, of which 12 are male. None are Latino. By comparison, 11 of the the corresponding positions in Obama’s first Cabinet were white — with seven men and four women — along with Latino labor and interior secretaries and three African-Americans, two of whom were women.

One response to that tweet shares a link to a story in the UK’s Daily Mail. That story suggests that Trump’s cabinet is certainly diverse because there are women in it.

According to that paper, IF Trump were to pick McMorris-Rodgers, his cabinet would NEAR the most women ever in a cabinet, at five. Except that one of the women mentioned is South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who is nominated to be the new UN Ambassador. That position enjoys cabinet rank, but is not one of the 15 positions that make up the official cabinet.

Since the Daily Mail story was written on December 9 reports have emerged that Trump intends to pick another white male, Ryan Zinke, for the spot at Interior. So much for getting near the largest number of women ever in a cabinet.

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Of course the CNN tweet, along with similar ones from Bradd Jaffy of NBC News and former Clinton staffer Jesse Lehrich caused conservatives to come running to defend their soon-to-be-crowned god-emperor. And their responses are a pathetic mixture of partial facts and outright racism.

The right-wing Bizpac Review wrote a story about the CNN report and accused the network of peddling “fake news.” In the process they reinforced the mistaken notion that UN Ambassador is a cabinet post. And when they posted their story on Facebook, the “totally not racists” came out of the woodwork.



At least this guy was honest.


And of course the “I don’t see color” crowd dropped by to comment.



But the award for “most clueless comment” goes to this guy:


As CNN and the Daily Mail noted, Trump has picked several women for his cabinet. But none of them will hold any of the top positions — the ones that are highest in the presidential line of succession. Those posts, in order, are: State, Treasury, Defense, Justice, Interior. And Trump wants white men to fill all of them. By comparison, in President Obama’s first cabinet those positions were filled by three white men, one white woman (Hillary Clinton), and one black man (Eric Holder).

Even George W. Bush did a better job of building a diverse team. His first cabinet included Colin Powell at State and Gale Norton at Interior in two of those top five posts. And both Bush and Obama have appointed Latinos to prominent positions in the cabinet, such as Bush’s second Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, current Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, and current HUD Secretary Julian Castro.

Trump’s administration, by contrast, is rapidly becoming a hiring program for rich white males. Should we have expected anything else?

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