The New Trump Propaganda Ad Befitting Kim Jong Un Should Scare The Living Sh*t Out Of You (VIDEO)

Trump propaganda films have hit American airwaves. First they released pro-Sessions confirmation ad. Then it was pro-Price followed by a pro-DeVos ad. Now, it’s about the entire cabinet released the day before Trump’s tweet complaining about how long it has taken for his cabinet to be confirmed. Yeah, that’s not suspicious or anything.

Seriously, this is happening. I know parallels to Nazi Germany and Russia are becoming trite at this point, but this is the reality we are living.

As Trump launches what is likely considered the most fascist agenda in American history, a pro-Trump Super PAC 45 Committee is pumping out straight propaganda films for public consumption via ads on cable news channels. The real kicker is who is behind these ads. This is the same pro-Trump group who made headlines earlier this week after their website was hacked.

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Trump’s casino buddy and mega-donor, Sheldon Adelson, and Trump’s mega-donor nominee for Secretary of Commerce, Todd Ricketts, are actually the founders of the PAC. Let that sink in for just a moment.

Oh, and by the way, it’s been reported that Adelson is going to have dinner with Trump at the White House this evening.

Gee, I wonder what they will be discussing. Hmmm? It will be interesting to see what kind of propaganda films will be released over the next few weeks. . .

I don’t think it’s far-reaching to say these films are coming directly from the administration when one individual behind them is a close friend and supporter and another individual behind them is actually a Trump cabinet pick waiting to be confirmed.

Yes, this is propaganda. Yes, this is like Nazi propaganda. Yes, this is extremely disturbing.


Watch the latest Trump propaganda film which is airing nationwide on cable news networks, here:

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