The New York Times Filled Two Pages With Trump’s Twitter Insults Just From The Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump has mastered at least one thing — the art of the Twitter insult. And the list of the insults, as well as the people he has insulted, grows every day. The New York Times has been tracking the candidate’s various tantrums and personal attacks against everyone he feels has been critical of him on their website for some time now. But on Monday morning they brought home to their wider readership just what a childish character Trump is.

In Monday’s print edition of the paper, there is a two-page spread with every insult Trump has posted on Twitter since announcing his candidacy for president. That’s right, it takes a two-page spread to print all of the insults hurled by the Republican presidential candidate over the past two years or so. MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin captured what it looks like, and shared it with his Twitter followers.

There is also an online version of the list available on the paper’s website, here. The total, as of the printing, stands at 281 people, places and things attacked by The Donald. And almost literally no one of any stature who has criticized him has avoided his ire on social media. Here are a few examples:

  • HBO host John Oliver — “very boring and low rated show”
  • Weekend “Today” host Willie Geist — “uncomfortable looking”
  • Former Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter — “a crude dope!” “doing a terrible job” and “low life”
  • Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt — “very low ratings” and “just a 3rd rate ‘gotcha!’ guy”

As a bonus, the list is clickable on the Times’ website, so you can see the original tweets along with any replies.

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One thing that is obvious — Trump never learned that you always “punch up,” never down. The thin-skinned alleged billionaire spends a tremendous amount of time attacking those who he should consider beneath him in the grand scheme of things, and therefore not worth his time. And not only does Trump spend a ridiculous amount of time punching down, he often does it over trivial things that he really shouldn’t worry about, but which obviously set him in fits. This is mildly amusing now (along with being completely pathetic), but if he were to get elected and started hurling insults at foreign leaders and institutions it wouldn’t be so funny anymore. Hopefully the polls are correct and in a little more than two weeks Trump will go back to being the buffoon shouting insults from the back of the room.

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