The NRA Reaction To The Dallas Shooting Is…Missing Some Things

The NRA has officially responded to the shootings in Dallas, but something seems to be…missing. Actually, several things:


Let’s go down the list and see just what the NRA decided NOT to talk about:

  • More guns –  Where are the cries for more guns to combat the evil? Whenever people are killed by a mass shooter, the NRA immediately calls for people to run out and buy more guns. It’s a clever marketing tool, but unfortunately, it only works if the propaganda points are in your favor. You have to be able to claim that guns could have stopped the assailant. In this case, every single victim was armed and it took a robot with an explosive device to end the massacre.
  • Gun free zones – According to the NRA, mass shootings only occur in those “useless gun-free zones,” because criminals will find a place where unarmed people gather, making them easy targets. The streets of Dallas are anything but gun free. There’s a line from the movie “Miss Congeniality” that sums it up perfectly: “This is Texas. Everyone has a gun. My florist has a gun.”
  • Gun control couldn’t have stopped this crime – Why wasn’t this mentioned? Typically an NRA statement has to include at least some pandering to the industry of death they call master. Gun control may not have been able to stop this crime, but the new open carry law in Texas, which is opposed by 75% of the Dallas police force, certainly made it easier for a man to carry an assault rifle unnoticed to an elevated position to kill 5 people.
  • It was a lone wolf gunman – Even though the investigation is pointing to this being the actions of a single disturbed individual, the NRA hasn’t added the “lone wolf” terminology to their statement, nor will they. Lone wolf gunmen, in their eyes, are mentally ill white people who kill in the name of right-wing extremism who need to be classified something else for the good of their propaganda. Black men don’t qualify.

As a matter of fact, there’s very little in the NRA’s statement about…anything. We appreciate the Dallas police force. We applaud their heroism. Our deepest condolences. They didn’t even offer “thoughts and prayers.” Maybe that’s because in a single incident of madness and hate, a man crushed every talking point the NRA has to offer without even trying.

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