The Picture Of The ‘Crowd’ At the Church In Detroit Trump Doesn’t want You To See

By now, Trump’s wholly unconvincing visit to a black congregation in Detroit has surely passed through your newsfeed. You’ve probably seen him standing there, looking all reverent, speaking in a softer tone than usual.

He spoke of how much black people mean to him, how much God means to him, and how important it was that he was speaking to this loving congregation.

The problem was, the congregation was mostly congregating elsewhere in protest of his appearance at their beloved house of worship:

As Trump fumbled through his awkward speech, trying to convince people he’s as penetant as Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade, he let loose 30 seconds of stupidity that he’ll never live down:

Really, Donald? The Lincoln card? Let me explain this to you in terms even an idiot can understand: The two parties can and always will be broken down into 2 basic groups: Northern progressives and southern conservatives. The only reason the “party of Lincoln” is where they are today is because the rich and powerful needed to shift their paradigm to controlling weak-minded bigots. The same weak-minded bigots who love you so much.

Dumbest. Argument. Ever.

At any rate, it’s fun watching you pander to black people so you can seem less racist to white people who may be hesitant to vote for your ignorance. I’ll tell you one thing — you’d better hope their isn’t a God or a heaven and hell or you’ll be spending eternity having pineapples shoved up your ass with Hitler.

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