The Pointing And Laughing Continues: Another Dumbass Misspelled Trump Tweet Deleted

The soon-to-be Buffoon-In-Chief, Lord Cheeto the Daft, makes it ever so easy for the 65 million of us who despise him to point and laugh and call him names. Call it childish; call it petulant; call it whatever you like. We call it bringing attention to the fact that America elected an idiot.

That idiot, who can’t seem to stop making a fool of himself on Twitter, also can’t seem to figure out that proofreading 140 characters really isn’t all that difficult. First thing Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted out yet another declaration that the Russians are just swell because Julian Assange said so. Yes, that Julian Assange. The world’s least credible hacker, who just a couple of weeks ago confirmed to Sean Hannity that an email that I wrote was proof that Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and John Kasich were on Hillary Clinton’s payroll.

This is the guy our next president is choosing to believe over our own national security and intelligence agencies. What’s even better is that he either can’t spell the man’s name or is too dumb to glance at his tweets for autocorrect mistakes before hitting the little blue “tweet” button:

There it sat for 5 minutes before he figured out he’s a moron and deleted it, replacing it with the same stupid sentiment and Assange’s name corrected:

Well, there you have it. The DNC was careless. It doesn’t matter that international espionage took place. Julian Assange said so. What he failed to mention was that the RNC was also hacked, but for some reason not a single one of those emails ever saw the light of day. Curious, but surely that also has nothing to do with any kind of plot to help elect Trump. Putin would never. Neither would good old Julian.

Basically, if you listen to this imbecile, which we will all unfortunately be doing way too much of in the near future, the DNC pretty much hacked itself and twisted its own emails into something Fox news could sell because…well…reasons.

Is it 2020 yet?

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