The Reason Trump Won’t Release His Medical Records: He’s Been A Speed Tweaker For Decades

Donald Trump’s personality could be described several ways. Some would call him type A — competitive, outgoing, ambitious and aggressive — while others would call him the textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder. Megalomaniac is another that comes to mind. No matter what way you look at The Donald, he definitely doesn’t qualify as “typical.”

As it turns out, there may be a very good, very dangerous, very pharmaceutical reason for it. Gawker recently re-examined an article from 1992 that may have more to do with Donald Trump’s failures as a human being than the genes he inherited from his booze and hooker pimping grandfather.

As it turns out, a story from Spy Magazine revealed that Trump was a patient of the infamous Dr. Joseph Greenburg, who was known for prescribing an amphetamine-like drug called Tenuate Dospan for a non-existent condition called “metabolic imbalance.” According to the story:

Dr. Greenberg’s program included no set caloric limit, and Tenuate was prescribed or five months. The long-term use of Tenuate can, according to the medical literature, lead to psychosis—delusions of grandeur, say, like the belief that by simply putting your name on real estate properties, you will double their value.

According to the NIH, prolonged use of tenuate can lead to hallucinations and confusion. Prolonged is exactly what Trump’s exposure to the drug can be described as, according to this medical record obtained by Gawker that shows years of visits to Greenburg by Trump:

The Best Theory of 1992: Donald Trump Took Amphetamine-Like Diet Pills

Gawker was able to confirm by email with a former employee of Greenburg that this is in fact an actual copy of The Donald’s record. Since Greenburg’s role in Trump’s care seemed to only include giving him happy pills that should have been prescribed for no longer than a month, it could be argued that the lasting effects of anger, anxiety and delusions of grandeur are still with the man today. His campaign speeches and lack of ability to hold a coherent thought in an interview for more than a moment or two are fairly clear indicators.

The pills had such a detrimental effect on Trump that one of his Vice-Presidents once noted that when he got to work he would ask if it was a “Dr, Greenburg day,” doing everything in his power to avoid the boss if the answer was yes.

Does Trump’s obsession with fitness and physical appearance have something to do with his obvious desire to be thin and trim? His personal attacks on people based solely on their looks do a pretty good job of answering that question.

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