The Trump Admin’s Bromance With Evil Murderous Dictators Is Getting Really F*cking Weird

Trump has now praised eight dictators. That’s neat.

Yeah, so, um, what’s up with the Trump administration consistently tonguing dictators’ fart boxes?

It was a question asked in more professional terms by Glenn Thrush from the New York Times at today’s press briefing AKA “The Sean Spicer Show.”

It got me thinking, Trump and his merry band of rejects have praised authoritarian, totalitarian and even murderous dictators an awful lot.

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Here are all the dictators Trump and Co. have praised:

8. Benito Mussolini: The good people at Gawker tweeted at Trump under the account “Il Duce” — a name the Italian people called Mussolini meaning “The leader” — until Trump retweeted a quote from the Italian fascist himself.

To top it off, Trump did not backtrack when confronted with the fact he had retweeted Mussolini, saying:

Mussolini was Mussolini. It’s a very good quote, it’s a very interesting quote. I know who said it, but what difference does it make whether it’s Mussolini or somebody else?

Yeah, it makes a difference, stupid.

7. Adolf Hitler: This one is in Spicer’s court. Spicer said compared to Syrian President Assad, Hitler wasn’t all that bad because he didn’t gas his own people…derr, um hurr, WHAT!? The press even tried to throw him a lifeline but all he did was tie it to an anchor and say he meant Hitler didn’t gas German-Germans, like basically the Jews, and German Jews for that matter, didn’t count? And then he called Concentration Camps “Holocaust centers” like they were some sort of day spa people signed up to be mass murdered at. He then went on an apology tour and it revealed something about the administration — praising Hitler won’t get you fired.

6. Bashar al-Assad: Virtually almost up until the U.S. dropped 59 tomahawk missiles on an abandoned airfield in Syria, Trump consistently praised Assad’s leadership.

Last September, Trump told Fox News:

I think in terms of leadership, [Assad’s] getting an A and our president is not doing so well.

5. Vladimir Putin: To this day, you will still never hear Trump accuse Russia of interfering in our election, and Putin’s iron fist style of leadership is constantly praised by Trump. He even quoted him after the election:

An oldy but a goody:

When confronted with the fact that Putin has journalists and dissenters killed or hurt, Trump told Morning Joe:

He’s running his country and at least he’s a leader, unlike what we have in this country.

I think our country does plenty of killing also, Joe, so you know. There’s a lot of stupidity going on in the world right now, a lot of killing going on, a lot of stupidity.

And when speaking with Bill O’Reilly when Bill O’Reilly was still a thing, again, Trump failed to denounce Putin’s actions in his own country and instead harped on our own country’s failings.

4. Rodrigo Duterte: The President from the Phillippines has been making life hell for his country, so naturally, Trump thinks he’s just swell! Trump said he had a “very friendly conversation” on the phone and invited the Philippino dictator to the White House “to discuss the importance of the United States-Philippines alliance, which is now heading in a very positive direction.” Spicer defended the remarks, saying the country will be key against the threat of North Korea.

3. Kim Jong Un: Trump said he would be “honored” to meet with the North Korean dictator to de-escalate the situation blossoming into the threat of a nuclear war. Trump also said the dictator was a “pretty smart cookie” for being able to hold power at a young age when his father died. Yeah, about that…Jong Un has had his own family murdered and has murdered his own senior officials to hold onto that power, so, that’s not really admirable. Or is it? We just can’t tell with Trump.

2. Tayyip Erdogan: Trump called President Erdogan to congratulate him on his power grab in an election rife with irregularities. Neat. Our president praised a country for killing the possibility of having a Democracy. WHAT THE F*CKING F*CK!?

And the dictator Trump and his administration have praised the most…

Wait for it…

1.DONALD TRUMP! There is no bigger fan of US dictator Donald Trump than Donald Trump. His administration kisses his ass; his fans think he can do no wrong. Which is ironic because everything President Obama did within the confines of the U.S. Constitution made him a treasonous, power-hungry snake. Yet, Trump can threaten to tighten our First Amendment, try to implement religious tests to get into a country centered on religious freedom, threaten to jail flag burners, diss all of our loyal allies, keep his visitor logs secret, deport brown people and possibly collude with a foreign power to steal the election and it’s all hunky dory with the right-wing. Yes, yes and YES!

While Trump has been largely unsuccessful at implementing many of his more dastardly programs, he is still trying every single day to convince this country that up is down and down is up. His administration is behind him fully. The longer he stays in office, the better chance becomes that he brings our country to collapse.

Say it loud and say it proud because half of this country no longer will: F*CK Dictators! It’s easy to say, so why can’t Trump? A question better left to the scholars.

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