The ‘Unreported Terror Incident’ List Looks Like It Was Written By A Toddler…Or Trump Himself

On Monday Donald Trump told a military audience that there were many terrorist attacks that have gone unreported in the media. Speaking to the staff at the U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base, Trump said:

You’ve seen what happened in Paris, and Nice. All over Europe, it’s happening. It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported. And in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it. They have their reasons, and you understand that.

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After reporters questioned the claim that terrorist attacks are not being reported the White House released a list of 78 incidents that they say received little or no news coverage. The press immediately noted that most of the attacks on the list received extensive media coverage. Then they noticed something else: the list is filled with errors and spelling mistakes.

The most glaring error is the misspelling of “San Bernardino,” which on the list is “San Bernadino.” Of course that attack, which killed 14 and wounded 22, can hardly be considered “unreported” or “underreported.” It was covered and discussed in the media for weeks.

Two California Democrats took to Twitter to criticize the Tangerine Tyrant. Mark Takano, who represents the congressional district just south of San Bernardino, tweeted,

Pete Aguilar, whose district includes San Bernardino, added,

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But the misspelling of San Bernardino is only one of the mistakes on the list. “Attacker” is spelled “attaker,” and “Denmark” is written as “Denmakr.” The Guardian adds that these mistakes seem to be continuing a trend, as in recent days official communications have referred to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as “president,” and British Prime Minister Theresa May’s name was misspelled as “Teresa.” Trump has obviously given jobs to some of his “poorly educated” supporters.

Now the Trump administration needs to send out serial fabricator Kellyanne Conway for damage control. The inventor of the “Bowling Green Massacre” can claim that “San Bernadino” wasn’t a misspelling. I can hear the exchange now…

Rachel Maddow: So the list released by the White House mentions the “San Bernadino” attack. Of course that should be “San Bernardino.” And that attack was well covered in the media. So why is it on the list?

Kellyanne Conway: No, the spelling is correct. “San Bernadino.”

Maddow: But I’ve never heard of San Bernadino.

Conway: See, we told you the media was covering up terrorist attacks.

(Note: Just in case any Trumpsters or others among the poorly educated are reading this, the exchange above was made up for humorous effect. It is not intended to be “fake news.” These days you have to have a disclaimer for everything.)

All joking aside, it’s Amateur Hour at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This bunch can’t even turn on the lights in the White House, and we’re supposed to expect them to keep the country safe from terrorists and other threats. You know that bunker in your parents’ backyard? The one your dad stopped working on in 1983? You might want to finish it. I’m only half kidding.

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