The Viral Hashtag Trolling Deadbeat Trump And His Taxes Is Providing World-Class Mockery (TWEETS)

The internet thinks a billionaire like Donald Trump, who has things like gold toilets, not having paid any taxes in about 20 years is unacceptable. We agree with that. As a result of universal outrage, a viral hashtag is now trending on Twitter. #LastTimeTrumpPaidTaxes is spreading like wildfire, noting the stuff that happened in the same year that Donald Trump made his last positive contribution to society to help point out profound amount of time he got a free ride on the taxpayers’ backs.

Let’s remember what was going on in 1995:

We all miss the Windows 95 start up sound.  And how about that cellphone! I think you’d be stopped for suspicion of carrying a bomb if you had one of those today.

The mockery continued, bringing up even more great retro memories while making a fool of Donald.

Does anyone else remember the dancing baby video that clogged email boxes nationwide as people struggled to download the file over dial-up?

The topic also turned to personal history for some, pointing out the seriousness of what he did.

Some people were not even born yet. Some were in grade school and some have been struggling for the 2 decades that Donald was busy wasting money on using real money as toilet paper, or whatever else he did with all the money he never paid in taxes.

Do you remember a time when MTV played actual music? That happened in 1995 as well.

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Perhaps the best comment of all is below.

Ouch, that had to hurt.

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