There’s Something Hilarious About Trump’s ‘Watching Melania’s Speech’ Tweet You Probably Missed

Donald Trump has tweeted about his loathing of CNN over 70 times. Two of those tweets specifically said, “I don’t watch” and “I don’t watch them anymore.”

Here he praised Fox News while saying he doesn’t watch CNN.

And, here he said it again.

He has also told his supporters not to watch CNN, but be sure to tune in to Fox News. *fist pump*

So, it came as somewhat of a surprise when Lord Cheeto tweeted a photo of himself watching Melania’s speech yesterday from his plane.

And, what network was he watching?

It didn’t take long for one person to take notice.

But, he does!

Even funnier is Fox News ran Melania’s speech live at the time. Trump could have been watching his fanboy channel the whole time, but he chose the network he abhors, and has actually spent time insulting, over them. And, not only did he watch it, he tweeted a photo of himself doing it.

Can this man be consistent with anything?

No. The answer is no, he can’t.

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