These Are The Racist, Sexist ‘Unfiltered Voices’ From Donald Trump Rallies (VIDEO)

You’ve seen the poll numbers. You know they’re out there. You may have even blocked a few from your social media feed. Still, you may be wondering, what kind of person is it exactly that is supporting this man? Who could possibly still be putting him into the most powerful office in the world despite everything he’s said and done?

This video from the New York Times paints a pretty clear picture; the filthy unwashed sexist, racist, bigoted, xenophobic masses that we’ve been letting fester in the dark folds of this country.

We like to pretend they don’t exist, but when they come together they make Trump happen. It’s no longer okay to let your neighbor, coworker, uncle or grandfather, veil their hateful ideologies under the guise of they’re voting for him because he’ll “establish law and order and restore the culture” they grew up in. Spare me. I know you mean just want to return to Jim Crow times, so why not be blunt about it?

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These people need to be called out and ostracized from civil discourse and society. Let them go inbreed themselves into extinction in the slums of America. Don’t employ them. Don’t reward them. Imprison them for their violence. Shame them for their words. Let them wear their ignorance like a Scarlet Letter.

Watch the despicable video below. WARNING: NSFW or around children.

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