These Conservative Reactions To Obama’s DNC Speech Shows How Doomed The GOP Is In 2016

President Obama took the stage for the 2016 Democratic National Convention, and did not disappoint. He offered up a message of hope, progress, and a good vision for America. It was one where it felt OK to be living in America and not being embarrassed to admit it, like it was from 2000-2008.

Contrast that with Donald Trump, and his Republican National Convention stooges, who could have been changed their slogan to “Make America Embarrassing Again” after that night. It wouldn’t have been incorrect. However, for some Republicans it went much deeper than embarrassment, as you’ll see below.

The “establishment” Republicans always hated Trump. They’re lying if they say they didn’t. Sure, they support him NOW to try to win an election and not be kicked to the curb by their own party, but their true hatred is so bad that it caused some of them to do a thing that nobody saw coming.

You may never see this happen again. These Republicans are reluctantly praising President Obama.

The comedy of this aside, these reactions show just how truly toxic Trump has been to the Republican party. He may have ruined them completely at this point. Nobody knows, but when Erick Erickson, who is one of the most hateful conservative troll-pundits that are walking the earth admits he has to admire Obama’s message, compared to that of his own party, you know that Republicans are royally screwed.

This is going to go past 2016. It isn’t going to go away when Donald gets shooed away and his residue is swept under the rug. 2016 could end up being the breaking point of conservatism in America, and we have the Trump brand to thank for it.

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