These Facts About The Donald, Women And Child Care Make Ivanka Trump Look Pretty Stupid (VIDEO)

Ivanka Trump took the stage at the Republican National Convention Thursday night to support Hillary Clinton and the Democratic platform of equal pay for women, fair treatment for new mothers and an extensive child care package. At least…that’s what it looked like to those of us who have followed Trump’s rise to the highest seat of stupidity in the land: Republican Nominee for president.

It was fun to listen to the screeching applause from the crowd, who obviously have no idea that the higher-ups of the GOP were cringing with every one of Ivanka’s words. “What did she just say?” was my reaction when she declared that equal pay, fair treatment of women and child care were suddenly a priority for ANYONE who belongs to the Republican party.

Oh, you dear, sweet child. It will be a real shame when you learn that even if your intentions are somehow magically transformed into policy, it would be squashed by the lawmakers of the party your father belongs to this week.

This was pandering at its finest. The young Trump spouted off all kinds of statistics about how women in the Trump organization are paid the same as men and how many female executives there are. She described her father as a warm and caring man who is “colorblind and gender neutral.” Unfortunately for her, his record speaks for itself.

Let’s first see about that “fairness” she says Daddy has with women. The Trump Organization’s records aren’t public, so there’s no way to verify anything she said about women who work there, their roles in the company or how equally they are paid. We can, however, have a look at his campaign, which tells a significantly different story. According to Think Progress:

Trump pays his male campaign staffers 35 percent more money than female staffers. That’s partly because he has only two women among his senior-level staff, and just 28 percent of his staff is made up of women. One former staffer filed a complaint earlier this year saying she was paid $2,000 a month — about half what several men with the same title make.

Are we to believe that for some reason females who work for Trump regularly are treated differently from those helping him seek the Oval Office? Because…that doesn’t make very much sense at all. Oh well…we’ll probably just have to take her word for it. Getting Trump to release anything financial is nearly impossible.

Next up is the issue of child care. Ivanka said her father is dedicated to child care for single mothers. Here’s footage of Trump talking about his interest in child care with a woman who attended one of his rallies:

Yes, he cares deeply. He once said that companies should provide childcare because of how easy it is. You just need “some blocks and some swings and some toys.” This is a truly enlightened man. Here’s what Think Progress editor Judd Legum found when searching Trump’s website and platform for “child care”:

Last but not least are Ivanka’s assertions that her father is a true “family values” candidate who sees women as equals, especially in the home. That doesn’t quite jibe with history either. Think Progress reports:

Over the years, Trump has actually been quite vocal about his aversion to caring for children. In 2006, he said he refused to change diapers and left the domestic care to his wife.

“There’s a lot of women out there that demand that the husband act like the wife,” he told a radio host at the time. “I’m really a great father but certain things you do and certain things you don’t. It’s just not for me.”

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Trying to turn Donald Trump into a champion of women’s rights might seem like a good idea to his campaign, but so far all they’ve managed to do in allowing Ivanka to spout off new policy from the podium is make her look incredibly stupid.

Your Daddy may have been good to you, Ivanka, but we’re pretty sure it’s because he thinks you’re hot. Let’s not let his fantasies overshadow the truth, mkay?


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