These Pictures Of Refugee Children Show You Exactly Who Is Harmed By Trump’s Muslim Ban

Donald Trump has the support and adoration of “Christian” pro-lifers. Mike Pence just spoke at the March for Life yesterday. Trump also signed an executive order yesterday, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, banning refugees from war-torn countries from entering the United States. Because, that’s clearly in line with being “pro-life.”

The refugees who were in route to the United States, as Trump’s executive order was signed, have been detained by authorities after arriving to our country.

We have watched as the war in Syria and Iraq has produced millions of refugees. Some estimates say nearly half of those are children living in absolutely deplorable conditions. Now, little hope is available to them and their families. So, they will wait. They wait for someone, anyone, to shelter them with the compassion and love we are all capable of — when our knees aren’t trembling.

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 Over a year ago, Photojournalist Magnus Wennman started the project Where the Children Sleep. Today, more than any day ever, people need to see these photos. 

These poignant images reveal a reality that is in stark contrast to the coercive rhetoric of fear that permeates the right-wing talking points. Rhetoric that has now been the catalyst for a policy that is a slap in the face to the values we have prided ourselves on for being American.

These children are not ISIS. They are victims of ISIS.

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The hypocrisy in the events that took place yesterday is undeniable. Conservatives need to start calling themselves exactly what they are: Anti-abortionists. There is nothing pro-life about a doctrine that compels people to march in the streets to protect a blob of cells while turning their backs on victims of the same enemy forces in the world.

The United States is full of a bunch of hypocritical cowards and now we have acted on a cowardness that endangers the lives of innocent people all around the world because xenophobia is an accepted worldview in “Trump’s ‘Merika.”

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