These White People Really Want All You Liberals To Stop Making Them Racist

Sometimes I come across something so full of stupidity and white privilege on Facebook it takes everything in me not to scream — today was one of those days. While looking through the photos over at the Republican circle jerk page Right Wing News, I came across a photo that made me slam my head onto my desk.

As you can see this silly meme has been shared nearly half a million times by white folks who are just so sick and tired of apologizing for their whiteness. ‘Cause you know how minorities are always judging Caucasians for hitting the melanin lottery.

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The comments under the meme are a…well, as you’ll see…a hot mess.


Bill just wants us all to be proud of our race and be good people, while also implying that black people make their parents super sad because they are always getting arrested and making the news. Apparently, he didn’t learn that the reason we see black people more often on the news being arrested is because for decades the media has helped reinforce the idea that African-Americans are criminals by disproportionately  showing their arrests. The documentary 13th (available on Netflix) explains this media bias perfectly, but Bill doesn’t seem like that kind of documentary. Gee, wonder why?


Robert thinks that black people are suffering from “Stockholm syndrome” because they receive ALL the government assistance from racist Democrats who are getting rich off of them. Of course, he doesn’t explain why white people receive more government assistance than black people and how that fits into his narrative or what that means about whites who vote for Republicans.


Jordan is super upset that liberals are saving only black people from falling off of cliffs.


Don wants the blacks to stop demanding white people treat them with respect. Why can’t we just go back to the peaceful days of fire hoses and lynch mobs.

There are literally thousands of comments like these under the photo. Thousands of whiny white people who think that they are being judged because of the color of their skin. As a white person I would like to tell these special little snowflakes to shut the fuck up. Never in my life have I been judged because of the color of my skin. I have never been scared when I’ve been pulled over by police. I have never been racially profiled by a store clerk. My child has never been shot for playing with a toy gun in the park. I have no idea what it is like to fear for my life every single day because of systemic racism and if a fellow white person says they have or do, they are a fucking liar.

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We are not judged because of our lack of melanin, we are judged because of stupid shit like this meme.

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