This 16 Second Video Says Everything You Need To Know About Donald Trump’s America

In just 16 seconds, this video describes perfectly why Donald Trump should never have been allowed anywhere near the Oval Office:

Wingnuts will curse that black man for not making an attempt to shake the hand of his president, after he was looked up and down and purposely ignored. They’ll say that black man was being racist and divisive and declare him the problem with America. Did the mean black man hold that funny looking stick in his right hand to avoid shaking Trump’s hand? Maybe. I would have.

Then they’ll come here to this article and blame the writer for posting the obvious, calling him a “race-baiter” and asking how much he donates to the Reverand Al Sharpton. They’ll say he’s a snowflake who needs a safe space to color and cry. They say these things because what they refuse to understand is that the previous president, all previous presidents and the woman who should be president too, would have made an effort to connect with that man whether he seemed angry, distracted or just plain disgusted, because that what real presidents do.

Then those wingnuts will crawl back to the rocks they slithered out from, calling the black man far worse names than they would in public or on social media. This is Donald Trump’s America and our new reality. Settle in — for the night is dark and full of terrors.

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