This Conservative Meme Gives A New Meaning To The Term Delusional

Welcome again to your semi-regular dose of conservative meme bashing. For today’s serving, I’ve got a delectable little treat that, yet again, reinforces just how utterly clueless and out-of-touch wingnuts actually are. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

One of the major concerns of Trump winning is that he’ll roll back all of the progress we’ve made since, oh, I dunno, 1865 or thereabouts? But don’t fret, my anxious liberal friends, conservatives have got you covered, and they spell it out rather clearly here in this meme:


Don’t you feel safer already? I know I do.

Big Daddy Trump is here to save us all. He’s going to take all of us, his children, into his tiny orange hands with his itty-bitty cocktail sausage fingers and lean down, giving us a good, deep whiff of what I can only imagine is a mix of old folks home and off-brand Kentucky bourbon, as he tells us, “It’ll be okay. Let me hold you against my bosom tightly. Daddy is here to save you.”

That noise you just heard was Milo Yiannopoulos squealing with joy.

See, If Trump were practicing “radical Islam” — which I can only assume is also written √Islam — then he’d kill a staggering, unfathomable 34 Americans every year, proving that he indeed is not as dangerous as the toddler he presents himself to be.

But here’s the funny thing, though — funny as in “uh oh,” not “ha ha.” Considering Trump will probably take the role of Bush 2.0 — i.e., a mannequin and/or honey-baked ham spray painted orange wearing a yellow carpet — the real danger comes from his staff. In particular, his VP, who is a full-on Christian theocrat so regressive that he makes anything to the left of Boko Haram look impressively liberal. You know, one of those √Islamic groups, who are indistinguishable from right-wing Christian groups if you look hard enough.

And that staff has a Republican-dominated House, Senate, and probably by the time this is all said and done, Supreme Court, to rubber stamp their ramrod agenda. On 11/9, America woke up to what was basically a one-party state, like Singapore or China but without the bonus of the leaders being competent. Trump doesn’t have to do any of that, he just has to approve it. Which, given his people and the power the Republicans have, he almost certainly will.

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