This Father’s Reaction To His Daughter’s Prom Date Will Make You Shake With Anger

It’s prom season, and we all know what that means, promposals (thanks hipsters), the dress obsession, the shared limo with friends and just an age-old tradition of our teenagers enjoying what they do best, making memories with good friends. And, don’t forget parents chasing their kids down the driveway for one more photo shot. Not so for Anna Hayes, a high school student from Lake Village, Arkansas. Instead of proud photo posts, and parental gushing, Anna was met with nothing but the most horrendous racist rant from of all people, her own father.

We are done. I wont be coming to your graduation. Nor will I pay for your college. Go live with the n***ers.

And that was just the start of it.

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He even admits to his grotesque racism; just shows what an awful specimen of humanity this father is. In an interview with Buzzfeed News Anna admitted she and father haven’t had much of a relationship since her early teens, when she moved in with her mother. In fact she has vivid memories of her father’s overt racism even as a young child.


Subhumans? Does Anna’s father mean the definition of the noun,”of a lower order of being, than a human,” or being soulless, heartless, or callous? Because I think he totally missed the mark there. The self loathing is palpable there dad.

He has told me that if I ever dated a black guy that I will and would be dead to him, she said. I stood my ground for what I believe in. He has called me several horrible things before.

No doubt this is just another awful example of the abuse Anna has received from her father over the years, and a huge motivation for Anna’s amazing ability to stare her father down is she has a biracial half-sister, on her Mom’s side. What an incredibly strong, and brave young woman for standing by her inner beliefs and principles. She is the very definition of leadership and integrity. No matter how many racist relatives out there strive to force us to live in their narrow bigoted world, there are 10 Anna’s willing to speak out, and go to prom with their best friend, no matter anyone’s color.

What a gorgeous couple.

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