This ‘Gollum Trump’ Twitter Troll Is What We All Need Right Now

Gollum Trump wants to Make America Precious Again

In President Donald Trump’s first week he has already signed executive orders signing away the Affordable Care Act, women’s health care funding overseas, and to start construction on two hotly contested oil pipelines. He has tweeted, criticizing the women’s march and is already holding meetings with our nation’s one percenters to ask how he can best kiss their asses.

While it’s more important than ever we keep focused on the extremely important issues, we still need a comedic break every once in awhile.

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And that’s where Gollum Trump comes in. They say art imitates life, and, well, this impression of Trump as the vicious, scheming Lord of the Rings character is so spot on you may never see Trump the same way again.

The account started on January 8 and has been gaining increased attention on Twitter now that Trump has been sworn in.

So without further ado, Gollum Trump:

I don’t know, something tells me a real life Gollum as POTUS may be preferable to what we have now.

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