This GOP Candidate’s Ad Is Everything Wrong With Conservatives In 30 Seconds (VIDEO)

This may be the absolute worst political ad of 2016, and that’s counting Donald Trump’s nonsense as well. Eric Greitens is the Republican candidate for Missouri governor. He recently won his primary contest, and only a few days ago released the following ad to show everyone just how much of a manly man and super duper conservative he really is.

It starts with a bit of snide voice over shouting about how Greitens is “under attack” by Obama’s “Democrat machine.” “He’s stealing the election!” they shout. And then the really frightening part begins.

The rest of the video is just Greitens shooting a minigun. That’s all really. There was some narrator blabbing about guns and other nonsense but frankly I couldn’t listen to it. All I saw was an overgrown, angry manchild expressing that in his world he wants to shoot people like our president, other political opponents or maybe even regular people that don’t agree with him.

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Just imagine if this guy loses the election. Will he pull up to a large crowd at some event with this gun loaded into the bed of his pickup truck and “express his patriotism?” That isn’t intended to be a joke. This guy is terrifying. The look on his face while he’s holding down the trigger is like a cold-blooded killer.

As the bullets begin to die down, Greitens turns away from the weapon of mass murder with a stupid smile on his face as if he finally got his first boner in 20 years. “Greitens for Governor, Because I’ll Shoot People Who I Think Disagree With Me!” — What a great campaign slogan that’d be.

Watch conclusive proof that Conservatives are a clear danger to America below:

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