This Guy Analyzed Trump’s Tweets And His Findings Will Make You Say ‘Aha!’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s twitter tantrums leave most of us scratching our heads. We’ve never seen a President of the United States behave in such a petty, self-absorbed way. Now, “Nerdwriter,” who analyzed Trump’s speech pattern last year, brings us a new video analyzing how Trump tweets and why he is successful. He says of Trump’s tweets:

Like in his speech, one thing Trump is really, really good at is emotionally framing his tweets. And, most of them are emotionally charged, which is why 87 percent of them are negative or positive in tone. Trump doesn’t want a sympathetic reader to spend any time at all deciphering what how to feel about what he is saying. A lot of people have mocked the way he concludes tweets with one or two-word exclamations like ‘sad’ or ‘too bad,’ but these punctuations are actually powerful framing devices that lubricate the content of his message.

Isn’t it interesting that those who wore shirts that showcased phrases like “F*ck Your Feelings” were the ones who allowed their feelings to be so easily manipulated by a skilled salesman who knows all about the “Art of the Deal.”

Check out the video. It’s quite interesting from the sociological perspective. 

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