This Mad TV Skit Describes The Trump Campaign Better Than Anything (VIDEO)

Mad TV has been off the air for some years now, but one thing they did could qualify as seeing the future when it comes to the comedy skit shown in the video below.

The skit shows a stereotypical depiction of a country singer. White skin, big hair, all that stuff. Then they take it up one notch by depicting her as what at the time they didn’t realize would be the PERFECT example of a Donald Trump supporter.

The similarity can’t be stressed strongly enough. When the video was made, it was obviously exaggerated (so they thought) for comedy’s sake. Now it’s so accurate to the reality of what Trumpers are like it’s simply mind blowing.

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It says a lot that our comedians back in the late 90s made this as a parody of what they saw as “conservative America,” and now here we are some years later, with what they made as a comedy skit being the new political reality of conservatives across the nation.

Watch the eerily accurate skit below:

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