This Might Be The Single Worst Thing Richard Nixon Ever Did To America

During the presidential campaign it was pretty obvious who Donald Trump’s favorite past president is: Richard Nixon. His constant references to “law and order” were right out of the Tricky Dick speech book. And, just like Nixon, Trump is notoriously thin-skinned, although he’s not nearly as good at hiding it.

Now we find out that Nixon sent a letter to Trump some 30 years ago, in which he told the alleged billionaire his wife Pat predicted that whenever Trump chose to run for office he would win. Fox News tweeted the letter, which Nixon sent to Trump in 1987 after Mrs. Nixon saw Trump on the Phil Donohue Show.

Little did Tricky Dick know (or did he?) at the time that he was encouraging someone whose character was as questionable as his own, if not worse. The funny thing is, we didn’t know a lot about Nixon’s foibles when he finally got elected in 1968 after trying and failing in 1960, even though he had been in the public eye since his time as a congressman, senator and vice president in the 1940s and 50s. Trump, on the other hand, is a man who has left a long trail of devious, possibly even criminal behavior that has been well documented. And voters said “okay” anyway.

So, is Trump going to be Nixon’s revenge? It certainly looks possible. We know he has an enemies list. It may or may not be written down, but it’s obvious he keeps track of the people he considers to be his adversaries. He can’t take criticism. He wants to let cops run wild in the name of “law and order.” Sure sounds like Nixon 2.0. All he needs is a land war in Asia.

But Nixon was eventually brought down because honest politicians, both Democrat and Republican, decided that they had to put a stop to him after the Watergate break-in revealed the depth of the corruption in the White House. There are plenty of Democrats who will be willing to stand up to Trump, but sadly this is not your grandfather’s GOP.

There’s probably not a single Republican in Congress willing to fill the role of a Howard Baker or a Lowell Weicker. And, given the sycophants Trump likes to surround himself with, there probably won’t be another John Dean, either, who is willing to break ranks with party and president for the good of the country.

Thanks a lot, Dick, for encouraging this dick to run. You finally got your revenge.

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