This Performance Will Give You Goosebumps And Inspire You To Keep Fighting (VIDEO)

Last night Samantha Bee was on fire! She trolled Lord Cheeto and his minions from her studio like the pro that she is, pointing out what little whiney sh*ts they all are while talking about her weekend where she “just went for a walk with a few friends.”

After ripping a new hole in the Tangerine Twatwaffle, the segment became a tear-jerker with an inspirational performance that reminds us all why we must continue to fight this horrific boil on the butt of America.

Bee introduced MILCK featuring the GW Sirens and Capitol Blend, saying:

To hell with words it was music that captured the spirit of the march in a viral video of young women from thousands of miles a part who connected and rehearsed online, then met in person for the first time at the march to lay down a protest anthem for the ages.

As a woman who marched on Saturday with my mother and my daughter, I couldn’t make it through the first minute of the song without tearing up.

This is why we fight. We can’t keep quiet.

Watch Samantha Bee’s perfect take down of Donald Trump and his ilk and then keep watching for the goosebumps inducing song that starts around the 4:20 mark:

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