This Photo Of Topless Women Is Going Viral–For The Best Reason Possible (IMAGE)

The stigma of nudity goes back to the beginnings of sentience. As we became aware of ourselves we began to cover up. If you’re a creationist it happened when a woman defied God and made that poor unwitting man eat an apple. If you live in the real world, it’s just a part of being as human being.

Enter eight brave women who have been through far worse than a red carpet sideboob moment or an unfortunate nip slip. These women weren’t afraid to bare all to bring awareness to an issue that affects women across the globe:


You’re beautiful, ladies!

The post going viral is one of those “respond ‘amen’ to send thought and prayers” things. Prayers? It looks like these women need nothing of the sort. They took the devil that is breast cancer on and won. Let’s make THIS one go viral for bravery and awareness. Thoughts and prayers are nice, but they rarely solve much.

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