This Terrifying Picture Predicting What 2017 Will Be Like Under Trump Must NEVER Come True

I was ever so glad to wake up this morning to the thought of 2016 being behind us. So much loss; so much disappointment. Donald Trump. It didn’t take long to occur to me what a horrible year 1916 was, too, only to be forgotten in the annals of history to 1917, which turned out to be one of the worst years of all time.

Are we doomed to repeat that pattern? 1917 saw a World War that could have easily have been prevented had cooler heads prevailed. It also saw a Republican congress and president take us down the road to one of three financial crises that will forever sit as a stain on our economic history forever.

So…do we doom and gloom it and just wait for it to happen? That’s not exactly what I had in mind when I poured my coffee and sat down to check my social media feeds. It didn’t take long for the obvious black cloud looming overhead to rain down some reality.

While my Twitter feed this morning was mostly positive well-wishes for the New Year, there was one tweet from Rosie O’Donnell that hit home pretty hard:

It’s not even the imagery, which is terrifying all by itself, but the wording of Trump’s own ad that sent shivers down my spine:

“There is only one way to live: The Trump way.”

Good golly that’s scary. Living the Trump way means being a narcissistic douchebag who thinks his word is gold and his country elected him in some populist movement. Not even close. His word is sh*t and his country elected him by 77K well-placed votes in three states the DNC neglected. There was no “movement” other than that of 61 million ignorant assholes most of us would love to have denied actually existed. That’s hardly a mandate.

Living as a Trump supporter would be even worse. That means you have to believe your country is on some path it walked away from that will restore the rights you never lost while watching a fascist destroy the 1st Amendment right before your eyes. While he’s doing that, the oligarchs he’s put in charge of our country will be destroying our economy from within…again…just like the last three times Republicans have had control of both chambers and the White House: 1917, 1936 and 2003. Anyone notice a pattern?

Our job will be to weather the storm and make sure we flip the senate in 2018. We’ll be responsible for relentlessly exposing the fascism and corruption that is most certainly coming. We’ll need to organize inside our communities to insulate and save our social programs, hold our civil servants accountable and make a YUGE fuss when they wrong us.

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For eight years we watched the right-wing douchebags cause such an uproar they ended up lending credibility to an idiot like Donald Trump. Our fight will be the same but we won’t be pandering to racists and ignorant simpletons. We won’t have to invent birther scandals and demand witch hunt Benghazi committees. We don’t have to come up with mantras about our president being a Muslim who supports terrorism.

We have Donald Trump, Mike Pence and a cabinet full of swamp creatures working with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to hand our country over to the people who keep their campaign coffers full. We have the truth. And most importantly…we have the numbers. Fool me once, shame on you…


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