This Whiny Tweet About Ivanka Being ‘Abused’ Just Sent Twitter Into A Trump-Trolling Frenzy

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka was recently in the headlines after she lost her Nordstorm’s deal — which I’m sure was utterly traumatizing. And while my heart goes out to her and the rest of the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre in these dark times, leave it to her idiot father to express what everyone is thinking in 140 character or less — and by “everyone,” I mean “next to nobody.”

I wouldn’t call criticism “abuse,” but Donald Trump is practically an authority on abusing women with his “grab ’em by the pussy” comment and all. So I’ll have to defer to his judgement on this matter I guess.

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Twitter users had a field day with Trump’s victim posturing, though:

This isn’t the first time — and it certainly won’t be the last if his current behavior continues — Trump has tried to “victim posture.” That’s a trait common in all bullies — and Trump is nothing if not a common bully — as he’s so deftly demonstrated time and time again.

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