This Woman’s 3-Line Response To Anti-Choice A-Holes Is Breaking the Internet

A woman named Heidi Seltz couldn’t help but respond to The Minneapolis Star Tribune’s readership of old men who love to project their archaic opinions and misogynist, conservative “values” in letters to the editor.

The latest was apparently a round of good old-fashioned holier than thou pro-lifing after the Supreme Court shot down a Texas law that would have effectively eliminated abortion providers for women in poverty and rural areas. Her response was photographed (yes, people still do that) and uploaded to Twitter, where it has gone completely viral.

Because it is awesome:

Heidi isn’t the only one. America stands a good chance of ridding itself of the kind of religious zealotry and male-induced barf-fests that result in idiots writing op-eds. The growing conservative movement is about to get a huge slap in the face, much like it did when Barry Goldwater was chosen to ruin the GOP in 1964.

Imagine how satisfying it will be when progressive values once again take hold and we get to thank Donald Trump for it?

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  • Shannon Winn

    While I fully agree with the sentiment, Goldwater ran in ’64.

    • GOPocalypse Admin

      Thank you and corrected. 🙂

      • Shannon Winn

        No problem. Being old as dirt is occasionally good for something! 🙂