Today In Trump Tweets That Did Not Age Well: China’s Currency Manipulation

I saw a joke the other day on Twitter that went something like this: “It’s like Donald Trump insulted an old Gypsy woman who cursed him to live out all of his tweets.” That was said after Trump reversed policy on Syria and old tweets bubbled up to the surface that showed him spending the last several years bitching and moaning all over Twitter that President Obama should not strike the Syrian government.

Today, Trump flopped again on a long-held promise of his — that China was manipulating their currency and he would get tough and label them currency manipulators. He said that as recently as 10 days ago.

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But today Trump flopped today and said this:

They’re not currency manipulators.

And of course there are a bajillion tweets in existence of Trump saying the opposite:

Trump is exactly what happens to a person when they only read headlines from Young Cons and Breitbart and Fox News. Because if he had perhaps, read work from economists instead of propaganda mills, he would know he’s been making himself look ignorant on this issue for years. Economists say China is not a currency manipulator and have been trying to strengthen the yuan rather than drive its value down.

This is something Trump beat Obama over the head with for YEARS. His rabid little lackeys ate it up. Now that Trump has reversed, his blind supporters will probably continue their pathetic applause because hypocrisy has reached pandemic levels on the right.

Next, we’ll probably find out Trump used a private server to send classified material because that’s how ridiculous this has gotten.

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