Tom Hanks Plays The PERFECT Trump Supporter in SNL ‘Black Jeopardy’ Skit (VIDEO)

Tom Hanks’ ninth appearance as the host of Saturday night Live was nothing short of epic. Lending his skills to yet another awesome cold open as Chris Wallace, Hanks went on to steal the show every time the camera was on him.

Saturday Night Live has been back for four weeks now and for four weeks they have done a fantastic job of trouncing Trump. This week they added a Trump supporter, played by Hanks, to one of their famous recurring skits, “Black Jeopardy.”

Hanks plays “Doug,” a denim wearing, red hat sporting redneck who has a surprisingly large amount in common with the over-stereotypical black players and host. It’s not until the end when the broomstick hitting the ceiling below them signals it’s time for Final Jeopardy that poor Doug loses his edge.

Enjoy this hilarious skit courtesy of NBC:

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It’s a shame that it sometimes takes something this silly to remind us that we all have something in common and that while our sociopolitical views may seem extreme to each other, there can be common ground.

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