Trump Arguing With Fake Trump Validates The Need For Social Media In Politics

Well…this actually happened.

Can you imagine the storm of idiocy that would ensue if President Obama or Hillary Clinton were caught arguing with a fake version of themselves on Twitter? They would be laughed at, ridiculed and never allowed to live it down. It would be pointed out how extraordinarily UN-presidential it would be to engage in buffoonery of this caliber. Why does Donald Trump get a pass?

Yeah, you got me…he doesn’t. He gets the full force of our pointing fingers and the deep belly laughter that comes with them. Not only was Trump stupid enough to engage his fake self in an online battle of wits — he did it unarmed. Granted this was before he entered the race, but it still certainly goes to the man’s character. Not only was he easily dragged into a Twitter war with a troll, the subject matter was and is an embarrassment to both him and his campaign:

trump drumpf2

If you’re not familiar with the story of “The Central Park Five,” you should really take the time to read about it. Five young black kids were absolutely framed, thrown in jail and later cleared of rape charges. Trump was outspoken and enraged about the crime, going so far as to take out a full-page ad in the New York Times calling for the reinstatement of New York’s death penalty. Years after the boys were cleared and seeking damages, Trump refused to admit he was wrong, issue an apology or advocate for the young New Yorkers whose lives had been ruined.

The entire issue shows exactly how Trump feels about crime and race relations in America. Like most bumble-headed dufuses, Trump equates black people with crime. He can’t see past his own privilege to understand that the socioeconomic isolation of black communities since the end of slavery has kept generations of black families poor on purpose to use them to fill court coffers and private prisons.

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Crime isn’t a black thing, stupid, it’s a poverty thing. People who can’t afford to live go to extremes. Head to any Mississippi “white-trash trailer park” and tell us how safe you feel. Those people may not be to blame either; the difference is if they make it out of their poverty they just blend in. Black people who accomplish the same thing are still black and still subject to the racially motivated judgement of idiots like Donald Trump.

At this point, you may be asking how something as funny as Trump fighting with himself on Twitter ended up in such a disturbingly serious story. The answer is simple: Donald Trump is an asshole.

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    You left out colossal in front of asshole

  • 3WheeledGranny

    “Head to any Mississippi “white-trash trailer park” and tell us how safe you feel. ”

    Actually, Trump would be “fantastically’ safe there, because uneducated cracker meth heads are his base.