Trump Asks Reporter For Meeting With Black Caucus And Twitter Has Even Better Person For Job

During the Circus Peanut Tinted Piss Goblin’s press conference for which he lambasted the press and delivered his alternative facts to the American people, he asked April D. Ryan if the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) were “friends of hers.” He also said she should set up a meeting with them for him. Because you know, all “the blacks” know each other. *eyeroll*

The CBC responded on Twitter saying they had sent Trump a letter on January 19 but he never responded. Upon looking at the letter it’s obvious why no response was given – it was a five-page letter. Trump only communicates in 140 characters or less.

Twitter users were quick to offer up suggestions for Butternut Bill Cosby on how he can set up the meeting. They think he should reach out to one of his very favorite African-Americans and request that he set up the meeting. . . none other than the great, up and coming leader. . .

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Fredrick Douglass, of course.

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Bwahahahaha! Hopefully Frederick Douglass can sort all this out.

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