Trump Just Attacked Arnold Schwarzenneger On Twitter For the Dumbest, Shallowest Reason Imaginable

Chief Cheeto Little Fingers was really in a predicament in regard to his show The Celebrity Apprentice. He’s the executive producer of the show, so he obviously has a vested interest in how well it does, but on the other hand, little Donnie’s ego could get bruised if his successor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was favored over him.

So, when the ratings came in and old Arnie’s were lower, Stubby Fingers had to choose: to gloat or not to gloat.

Gloating would stroke his ego, yet seemingly go against his own business interest considering his position with the show. Oh hell, you know what he did. His ego won.

He tweeted this morning, doing the whole third person thing again:

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This is just so “Trump.” If the ratings had been high, he would have taken credit for them. Low, and well, it’s a competition between him and Schwarzenegger. He’s a salesman – a dishonest, egotistical, shady, snake-in-the-grass salesman.

Yes, that’s right, friends. We are two weeks away from this man-child being sworn in to the highest office of our land and he is throwing shade at the star of his own reality show. No wonder he has had so many failed businesses.

Of course, there has been a movement to boycott The Celebrity Apprentice since Trump stepped foot on the political stage. But, never mind that. The Tangerine Tyrant only takes credit for the wins, he never accepts any responsibility for the losses. Perhaps he shouldn’t worry so much about the new Air Force One designs and seek out a presidential bus, instead. I have a feeling he is going to need it for all those people he plans to chuck under it during his failed presidency.

The only thing missing from this debacle was the childish song, “anything you can do, I can do better. . .”

What a f*cking farce.

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